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South Africa

Located at the southern tip of the African continent, South Africa is made up of nine provinces that offer visitors an incredible array of options when it comes to travel deals and other vacation excitement. Indeed, South Africa is a nation of contrasts; those who visit it are routinely - and pleasantly - surprised by how it defies the common misconceptions that swirl around about it. Hot vacation deals are always up for grabs in South Africa, helping it remain a popular tourist destination year after year. Whether you want to enjoy superior beaches, exceptional hiking opportunities - or vibrant city scapes - South Africa awaits.

South Africa's dry season runs from June to September, which is why many travel websites advise people to visit during those months. However, the fact is that the weather in South Africa is wonderful all year round. Top travel deals can be enjoyed throughout the year, and even the peak tourism season doesn't have that much of an impact on the kinds of hotel deals, airfare deals and other budget-friendly finds you can enjoy in this diverse and multifaceted country. Basically, you can visit South Africa anytime and have a great time.

How to get there

Although South Africa is by no means a massive country, it boasts ten international airports. Thanks to that happy fact, it is easy to find cheap airline tickets virtually all year round. In fact, when planning a trip to South Africa you can plan your itinerary first then choose an airport from which to enjoy private jet charter flights to Cape Town. From Cape Town International Airport to the OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg, there are several places where budget-conscious travelers can snap up cheap flights. Don't forget, too, that car deals are in abundance at each of these airports' several car rental agencies.

The other primary way that people get into the country of South Africa is by car. If you are going to be flying into a country to the north of South Africa, you should know that getting into South Africa is relatively simple. Travel sites can inform you of where to expect land border posts so that you aren't taken by surprise when crossing into this entertaining country. Other than plane or car, though, cruise ships are the only other popular way to get into South Africa.

Where to stay

If you are looking for top of the line accommodations in South Africa, Johannesburg has a bevy of hotel deals waiting for you. The most luxurious hotel in Johannesburg is The Michelangelo Towers (8 Maud Street Sandown, Johannesburg), which is very expensive but also undeniably impressive in its size, scope, level of service and range of amenities. In Cape Town, you can easily snap up cheap hotel deals at a nice budget hotel like the Lady Hamilton Hotel (10 Union Street Gardens, Cape Town). A very nice mid-range option in the city of Kimberley is the Port Hotel (Triton Avenue, Kimberley), which is centrally located and quite affordable.

What to do

South Africa is known for its safaris, so if you want to enjoy a healthy dose of adventure and phenomenal fun while in this country, be sure to book one. Although safaris aren't cheap, if you take the time to compare rates between the most popular outfits you will surely find something reasonable. In addition to safaris, South Africa's beaches are another major attraction for those visiting the country. The Eastern Cape of South Africa is the place to be for sun worshipers who just want to lay and luxuriate on the beach when visiting South Africa.

Where to eat

Every major city in South Africa has a pleasing assortment of modern restaurants serving up delicious food. In Johannesburg, you can find cheap - but delectable - eats over at Mezzaluna (9a 7th Ave, Johannesburg), which serves up fresh Mediterranean fare. Another cheap but tasty place to pick up some fish and chips and other delights is Akhalwayas Fast Foods (Central Road, Johannesburg). In Cape Town, splurge on some of the best French/Austrian cuisine in Africa at Blue Danube (102 New Church Street, Cape Town), and leave with a smile on your face.

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