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Despite its relatively small geographic size, Germany is a true force to be reckoned with both economically and culturally. There's no question that this size looms large in the consciousness of the world, and that it's made an indelible mark in the culture of the world. Boasting several large, bustling cities, Germany is a tourist's delight thanks to the efficiency of getting around here and the many great events to participate in and attractions to see. Whether you're a beer lover, enjoy big cities and cultural attractions or just want to see what all the fuss is about, Germany is has many great travel deals that make discount travel easy.

In general, the weather in Germany is quite unpredictable. Most travel sites concur that summer is the best season to visit Germany - especially if you have a choice in the matter. The only downside to visiting Germany in the summer is that it's harder to find vacation deals as it's the peak tourist season here. However, such deals do exist - you just need to look a bit harder for them.

How to get there

To get into Germany, you're going to need a passport - the only exception to this rule is for U.S. military personnel. There are many busy airports in Germany to which you can get private jet flights, including those in Munich (MUC), Düsseldorf (DUS), Frankfurt (FRA) and Berlin (BER). Depending on where you plan to concentrate your travels, there is sure to be a suitable airport with charter airline flights available nearby. Train travel is quite popular in this country, although traveling by car is also a great method. You can get great car deals at the major airports on rentals, then use the excellent freeways and Autobahn to get from place to place; there are no tolls for cars.

Where to stay

Every major German city has a ton of different hotels suitable for virtually every budget. Berlin is a great example of this assortment. In Berlin, the best luxury hotel that you can find is undoubtedly the Regent Berlin (Charlottenstrasse 49, Berlin), where even the most discerning guests are sure to be pleased. Middle-of-the-road accommodations in Berlin can be found at the Hotel Nova Berlin (Weitlingstrasse 15, Lichtenberg, Berlin). People on a strict budget can get great hotel deals in the city, too; the Hotel Columbia (Dudenstrasse 4, Berlin) is just one excellent example.

What To Do

There are great things to see and do in cities and regions all around Germany. Beer lovers should head over to Munich for Oktoberfest. As the world's largest fair, it's definitely not something that you get to see every day - and it's easy to find cheap hotels and flights to the city, as well. Frankfurt is a wonderful option for people who like the big city life; it has Germany's only genuine skyline, for instance, which is comprised of dozens of high-reaching skyscrapers. Frankfurt is also a nice place to talk walks outdoors; strolls along the river Main are always enjoyable. With its plethora of great hotel deals, Frankfurt is a natural choice for travelers wishing to stretch their dollar as much as possible while visiting a foreign country. Finally, visit Dusseldorf at its lovely Altstadt - meaning "old city" - to get a feel for what old-time Germany was like. It's a compelling way to step back in history.

Where to eat

Traditional German food is all about meat, potatoes and gravy - and Germans love their food, so you'll have plenty of opportunities to enjoy delectable meals while visiting this country. In Berlin, sample some traditional German fare at Lutter und Wegner (Charlottenstrasse 56, Berlin); the wienerschnizel is perfectly executed. In Munich, you can enjoy some of the best pizza to be had outside of Italy at Riva Bar (44 Tal, Munich). Finally, in Frankfurt go to Buenos Aires (Dreieichstrasse 35, Frankfurt) for exceptional steak.

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