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France is a country that most consider to be the epicenter of refined culture, excellent food and amazing wine. It is because of this and so many other reasons that France is the most visited country in the world. Whether you land in Charles De Gaulle Paris International Airport (CDG) and take the shuttle 14 miles to Paris, fly to Bordeaux International (BOD) and visit southern France or you choose to land in the middle of France at Lyon Saint-Exupery International (LYS) and visit the Alps, France will captivate you with its lush scenery, romantic culture and exquisite food.

The best time to visit France is during late spring or early in the summer. The weather is perfect and many celebratory events like Bastille Day, the Tour de France and Fete de la Musique are held. Naturally, during this time of year, charter airline flights prices to France and hotel rooms will be at a premium. However, if you research and book early, you should be able to find some travel deals that include private jet charter flights to France. Later in the year, in early autumn, the tourist season calms a bit. The weather is a bit gray and rainy, but you can find good travel deals.

Where to stay

First, a place to stay will be a top priority, and since this is France, it may as well be top-of-the line. In Paris, the Hotel Plaza Athénée has been a resting point for notables such as Rudolph Valentino, Jacqueline Kennedy and Grace Kelly. In Bordeaux, the stunning Hotel Chateau Grand Barrail will cradle you in the center of the vineyards of Saint-Emilion and welcome you with its “Island of Relaxation”. In the French Riviera Côte dAzur, the Art Deco styling of the Hôtel Belles-Rives regales you with a stunning view of the Mediterranean from its balconies or private beach. Each of these hotels feature opulent luxury and world-renowned service.

What to do

Visiting France means taking in a complete experience. We begin in Paris. Obviously, La Tour Eiffel should be a top priority. Your second stop should be at the Musée du Louvre then visit LArc de Triomphe. As a final treat, travel to the Parisian suburb of Versailles and enjoy the palatial opulence of King Louis XIV's Place d'Armes.

As you travel into Bordeaux, the first thing that comes to mind is wine, however, before or after youve experienced the wine of Bordeaux, two attractions you must not miss are Pey-Berland Tower and St. Michel Basilica.

In the south, Côte dAzur, the beach calls to you. If you do only one thing in the French Riviera, this should be it.

Where to eat

For the French, food is not so much about eating as it is about culture, tradition, friends and family. If you are traveling to France, you may want to experience eating in the manner that the French do.

The first meal of the day is generally very small and often consists of une baguette or a croissant with jam and butter and a café or coffee as we say. Pain dEpis, 63 avenue Bosquet, is the place to experience the best in Parisian baking and since it is located just around the corner from the Eiffel Tower, it is the perfect place to begin your day.

Traditionally, the lunch meal is the largest meal of the day and consists of several courses that are meant to harmonize and build into one another. In Bordeaux, the mid-day meal is best experienced at La Tupina, 33800 Bordeaux, where you can find everything from duck to Pyrénées black pig. Since Bordeaux is synonymous with wine, be sure to enjoy each course with one that pairs well with your food.

Finally, an evening meal of lobster followed by any of their amazing desserts can be experienced at Tetou, Bd. Des Freres Roustan, Golfe-Juan Vallauris on Côte dAzur. Remember that as you enjoy the cuisine, you should take your time, delight in the conversations and the time that you're spending with friends and family.

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