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One of the top travel destinations for a relaxing Caribbean vacation is Bermuda. Situated along the northern edge of the Caribbean, this tropical island offers an environment of relaxation and friendliness in abundance paired with crystal clear water and white sands. And just to quell any irrational fears about disappearing in the so-called “Bermuda Triangle”, the U.S. Board of Geographic Names issued an official statement calling the triangle “imaginary”.

The best time to find private jet charter flights to Bermuda is from December through February. This is Bermuda’s coolest time period with temperatures generally dipping into the low 60°s F, at night. The high season in Bermuda sees constant temperatures above 85° F with cool breezes in the evening. If you are willing to compare rates, you'll easily be able to find cheap airline tickets and great hotel deals.

How to get there

One popular way to get to Bermuda is via a cruise ship. This method is a relaxing and leisurely way to experience this beautiful island. However, if you want to get there quickly and stay longer, you'll need to purchase private jet flight into L.F. Wade International Airport (BDA). This airport lies about 10 miles east of Bermudas capital city of Hamilton and is a quick ride to any of the world-class hotels as well as the islands many exciting venues.

Where to stay

For anyone wishing to save money and get the best hotel deal, the Greenbank Guesthouse and Cottages, Salt Kettle Road, offers a family run establishment that sits at the oceans door and only minutes from Hamilton. A more moderately priced hotel that is also situated on the beach is the Pink Beach Club, 116 South Shore Rd, Tuckers Town. This hotel features private beaches and old-world hospitality in one of the most private cottage communities on the island. If money isn't a concern and youre looking to spend a bit more for top quality service, Cambridge Beaches Resort and Spa, 30 Kings Point Road, offers an amazingly gorgeous beachfront environment and impeccable service and amenities.

What to do

Most travel websites offer great vacation deals that include many pre-determined activities. If you're setting your own itinerary, though, there are plenty of things to do in Bermuda to make yours a vacation to remember. The Royal Naval Dockyard provides a great historical perspective on Bermuda from the point of view of those within the British Navy. The dockyard, itself, no longer serves as part of Her Majesty's military, but a museum and local artists at work draw thousands of tourists every year. The four-day Bermuda Music Festival in October offers a great venue for some of the best musicians from all over the world. Finally, who could go to Bermuda without exploring the amazing beaches and crystal clear waters? Spend the day swimming or if you want a more in-depth look, head out onto the water and enjoy the day diving or snorkeling.

Where to eat

For a really nice moderately-priced dinner, definitely consider Bistro J in Hamilton, up Chancery Lane off Front St. Bermudians love their Friday happy hour. To hang out with the locals, pop in at the Harbourfront on the outskirts of town. Nice setting, smartly dressed locals happy to be starting the weekend. And for a big, old-fashioned night out with excellent traditional service, Fourways is a short cab ride out to Paget if you're staying in or near town.

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