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Private jet flights to Aruba are full of couples on their way to romantic honeymoons, families anxiously awaiting the start of their Caribbean vacation, and travelers from all over the world that found amazing Aruba travel deals and are in need of warm, sandy beaches and the beautiful Aruba weather. Once they arrive at their Aruba hotels, such as the esteemed Occidental Grand Aruba or the Aruba Gold Coast, Aruba tourists will delight in the many choices they have, from lounging on a sun-soaked Caribbean beach to taking advantage of any number of things to do in Aruba.

You might be wondering exactly where is Aruba located? Aruba is a small island that is part of the Dutch Antilles in the Caribbean, just a few short miles north of Venezuela. If you look at a map of Aruba, you will see that the two largest cities, Oranjestad and San Nicolas are directly located on the shores of Aruba, with easy access to Aruba's international airport.

The island of Aruba enjoys an average temperature of 82°F (28°C) with the cool trade winds continuously blowing through to keep the climate comfortable. Aruba only experiences occasional rain, most of which falls between October and January. Most travelers partake in an Aruba vacation during the winter months when it is chilly back home, which makes about mid-December to mid-April the peak season for Aruba travel. Naturally, if you want to find good travel deals for Aruba, you will need to book your Aruba charter flight and hotel early.

For the best Aruba travel deals and charter Aruba flights, consider planning an off season Aruba holiday. Any time of year is a good time to travel to Aruba and you will find the best Aruba travel discounts and cheap Aruba flights in the off season.

The hurricane season runs from June through November, so if you decide to take advantage of great Aruba travel deals during this time, you may want to consider purchasing travel insurance as a precaution.

Citizens of the United States do not need a passport to travel to Aruba, as long as they have other appropriate identity documents. Aruba visitors from most other countries will need a passport, which can take from a few weeks to a few months to acquire, depending on the application process in your home country.

How to get there

The Reina Beatrix Airport (AUA) is located just 2.5 miles southeast of Aruba’s capitol city, Oranjestad. The Aruba airport offers Wi-Fi Internet access, eateries and plenty of shopping opportunities that are sure to appeal to travelers recovering from a long flight. Visitors can also arrive in Aruba via boat or cruise ship at the main port located in Oranjestad. If you will be arriving in Aruba by boat, a short 5-minute walk will take you to the city center, or you can rent a car or take a taxi from the port.

Transportation from the Aruba airport to Oranjestad, the hotel zone, or other areas of the island, is readily available via bus or taxi, both of which are available at the airport. For folks who would like to explore Aruba at their leisure, local and major car rental agencies are located at the Aruba airport as well. If renting a car, you may want to consider opting for four-wheel drive, which will provide better access to some areas of Aruba. Be sure to check for car rental deals or Aruba travel packages that might include cheap car rental.

The Aruba’s bus system provides cheap, reliable public transportation between Oranjestad, San Nicolas, the hotel zone and the airport. Between the Aruba’s and plentiful taxis, you should have no trouble getting from your Aruba resort to all of the things to do on Aruba.

Taxi service runs a bit differently on the island. The main difference is that rates are fixed, rather than metered, so check the rate with your driver before you depart. There is also ferry service from the mainland to De Palm Island available every half hour on a daily basis. Other local transportation options include renting bicycles, scooters or motorcycles for use during your Aruba holiday and for easy transportation between your Aruba hotel and shopping, dining and entertainment.

What to do

The thriving, year-round Aruba tourism centers around sandy beaches, sun and surf just steps away from luxury Aruba resorts. Watersports are a popular Aruba activity and include such breathtaking experiences as windsurfing and kite surfing on Aruba's well-known trade winds at Arashi Beach, as well as diving and snorkeling at popular Aruba scuba diving locations, including De Palm Island's coral reef and a German shipwreck from World War II.

During your Aruba vacation you won’t want to miss the Bubali Bird Sanctuary, which is home to 80 different bird species, or the weekly Bon Bini Festival, which takes place each Tuesday in the courtyard of the Aruba Historical Museum. Golfers will appreciate Aruba's championship 18-hole golf course, while avid shoppers will delight in the duty-free shopping in Oranjestad.

Walking, biking or horseback riding on the beach, as well as in Aruba's interior, are also popular things to do on Aruba.

Visitors who travel to Aruba between New Year’s Eve and Ash Wednesday can also enjoy Aruba's annual carnival. Of course, this is a popular time to visit Aruba, so make sure to book your flights well in advance to find the best Aruba travel deals.

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