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To describe Venice would be to do what no one has been able to do since time immemorial. Venice is tactile and visual. It is a stunning city built up with everyday buildings that double as historical landmarks. Perhaps this is why so many travel websites feature romantic travel packages that include Venice and its storied history.

The busiest times in Venice are from May to September, Christmas and New Year. February hosts the Carnevale and Easter is reverently observed. The best time to visit Venice, then, is anytime. Regardless of season, Venice holds a certain magic that is not seen in any other city around the world. Because of this, hotel deals and private jet charter flights to Venice are much harder to find. If you search hard enough and scour the travel agency newsletters, you may just find a gem of a deal, though.

How to get there

Venice Marco Polo International Airport is just a few miles from the heart of Venice. This makes travel options from the airport very convenient. Whether you’re on foot, on boat or taking the bus, the time taken to get to the city is fairly short. Venice’s other airport is the Treviso Airport which is about 19-miles from the city’s center. The advantage to Treviso is that it services the discount airlines and ticket prices are usually a bit cheaper. Once you’ve arrived in Venice, the options for travel are limited to walking the streets or boating in the canals, so even if you get a good car rental deal, you may not be able to use it.

Where to stay

Cá Arco Antico, 1451 San Polo, is a family-owned bed-and-breakfast for the budget conscious that brings you personalized amenities and a view of the canals that are unbeatable. Oltre Il Giardino, Fondamenta Contarini 2542, sits in the middle of an olive grove and for all intents and purposes is very possibly the most romantic spot in a city that is the romantic spot of the world. For trivia buffs, it's fun to note that the hotel is the former home of Alma Mahler, the widow of Gustav Mahler. Sitting on the waterfront, the Bauer Palladio Hotel and Spa, Giudecca 33, was built in 1500 by Andrea Palladio. The plush rooms are fit for royalty and so is the price, but once you’ve seen the view and experienced the service, you’ll realize that it’s well worth it.

If you go to Venice, by all means, go during the twelve days prior to the Christian holy time of Lent. It is during this time that Venice celebrates Carnevale. This celebration of life features a main ball in St. Mark’s Square and private balls throughout the city. Be sure to dress the part in an elaborate costume and mask. The Basilica San Marco is filled with beautiful mosaics, sculptures and artwork and historians note that the high altar within the Basilica contains the stolen remains of St. Mark. It’s worth checking out, even if only for the beauty of the architecture. The Doge’s Palace is a three-story palace that dates to the pre-Renaissance. The palace is filled with priceless artwork and antiques and can be toured by the general public. These tours will take guests from the palace, across the Bridge of Sighs, to the prison that once held the famous lover Casanova.

Near the Rialto Bridge sits a tiny restaurant called Al Portego, Calle della Malvasia 6015. However, don’t let its diminutive size fool you. The restaurant has a big menu that features classic Italian dishes such as spaghetti with mussels and desserts that will make your mouth tingle. In Italy, wine is the gold standard and Cantinone Giá Schiavi, 992 Fondamenta San Trovaso, is the place to find it in Venice. The menu takes its award winning cichetti and other delicious items and pairs them with some of the best wine to be found in the city. Fiaschetteria Toscana, Cannaregio 5719, is featured in many reviews as one of the best places in Venice to find freshly made cuisine and simple dishes that focus directly on the flavors of the food.

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