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Situated in the southern part of Arizona, Tucson is the second largest city in that southwestern state. Tucson is a great place to visit because there are always plenty of great travel deals to take advantage of all year round. Known by multiple nicknames - including The Old Pueblo and The Sunshine Factory - Tucson has a population of about 540,000 and is always crackling with excitement. Whether you're interested in outdoor activities or would like to check out some historical and cultural attractions, Tucson is a great place to go if you want to take advantage of many discount travel opportunities.

The majority of the top travel websites agree that March and April are the very best times of year to pay a visit to Tucson, Arizona. Despite its higher elevation - Tucson sits at approximately 2,400 feet - the city can still experience blazing heat, especially during the summer months. Although March and April tend to be the most popular time of year to come to this sprawling southwestern city, there are still plenty of hotel deals and other cheap prices to enjoy - especially if you are willing to look around a bit.

How to get there

Tucson is served by the Tucson International Airport, although some people prefer to fly into Phoenix's Sky Harbor International Airport and drive in by car if they can find private jet charter flights to Tucson. Plenty of charter flights can be found going into and out of Tucson, though, so don't get discouraged if they don't pop out right away. Both airports have plenty of car rental agencies where you can snap up exceptional car deals for zipping around the city at your leisure.

If you'll be driving in to Tucson, two major interstate highways serve the metropolitan area: I-10 and I-19. Interstate 10 will bring you into the city from the north and the southeast, while Interstate 19 will get you into Tucson from the south. The roads and other thoroughfares around Tucson are very logically organized, making navigation exceptionally easy.

Where to stay

One of the best hotels to stay at in Tucson if you demand only the best when it comes to accommodations is the Westin La Paloma Resort and Spa (3800 E Sunrise Dr, Tucson), where you can luxuriate in massages, facials and many other spa treatments while enjoying top of the line service and amenities. Budget travelers will be thoroughly impressed by the Ramada Limited Tucson West (665 North Freeway, Tucson), where the rooms are cheap but comfortable. Finally, excellent hotel deals can be found for mid range prices over at the Sonoran Suites (7990 E. Snyder Rd., Tucson), which boasts a lot of extras for a reasonable price.

What to do

At the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, you can enjoy a zoo, botanical garden and natural history museum all under one roof. This very enjoyable place is a great way to acquaint yourself with the natural species of the region, as well as a bit of history at the same time. For a glimpse of the darker part of history, try stopping in at Titan Missile Museum. You can take in an actual missile there, although it is of course not active. Few cities in the world boast this kind of museum, and admission is relatively cheap so you don't have to spend a lot of money to get in.

Where to eat

If you're going to be in Tucson and are in the mood for some tasty steaks, seafood and traditional American cuisine, Buddy's Grill (4821 East Grant Road, Tucson) is an excellent choice. Although not cheap, it's reasonably priced and worth stopping in at. Unbeatable Mexican food can be sampled over at El Molinito (3675 W Ina Rd, Tucson). An entire meal is incredibly cheap - and the portions are very generous. Finally, a pricier - but absolutely delightful - option is the Arizona Grill (2200 East Elm Street, Tucson) where a meal will set you back a bit, but you'll have a truly unforgettable dining experience.

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