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With over 12 million people, Tokyo - the capital of Japan - is always buzzing with an air of excitement and vibrancy. Indeed, this thrumming metropolis is home to a bevy of amazing attractions and tourist sites, from the unbelievably quirky to the intriguingly historical. Private jet charter flights to Tokyo - if you know where to look - and there is no reason to spend a small fortune while vacationing here. Indeed, as long as you map out your trip and make plans to find hotel deals and car deals as necessary, you can experience Tokyo for very cheap.

If you do a bit of research and consult a few of the most popular travel websites, you will learn that most seasoned travelers agree that the spring and the fall are the best times of year to come to Tokyo. March, April and May - as well as September, October and November - are the most temperate and enjoyable times to visit Tokyo when it comes to the weather. June is very rainy, and therefore not very well suited for outdoor activities. The best thing is, the spring brings cherry blossoms and the fall brings stunning fall foliage.

How to get there

Narita Airport is the massive international airport that services Tokyo. If you'll be flying in from outside of Japan, you'll almost definitely be arriving at Narita. Domestic charter flights are generally handled by Tokyo's other major airport, Haneda Airport. Both of these airports are state of art affairs that can handle a massive number of flights into and out of Tokyo every day. If you're looking for low airline ticket prices, you shouldn't have a problem since so many flights are handled at Tokyo's airports. Both airports also have plenty of car rental agencies where it's simple to find car deals.

For the most part, it is best not to even attempt to drive into Tokyo. The roads are incredibly complex and convoluted, and the signs are of little help. If you're not from Tokyo, you will most likely become hopelessly lost. Therefore, it is best to simply fly into the city and use public transportation. You will have a much easier time of things, and it's a relatively cheap option.

Where to stay

One thing is definite: you don't have to worry about having few options when it comes to hotel deals in Tokyo. Hotels are well represented all over the city, and you can find one that suits your budget with ease. On the high end of the price scale, the Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo (10 8 Sekiguchi 2- Chome, Tokyo) is a very prime choice. The amenities and services here are topnotch. On the lower end of the scale, cheap rates can be had at the Oak Hotel (6-1-2, HigashiUeno, Taito-ku, Tokyo). This hotel is inexpensive but clean and conveniently located. Finally, strike a happy compromise by staying at the Hotel Villa Fontaine (1-7-6, Nihonbashi Hommachi, Tokyo), which boasts low rates and nice amenities.

What to do

Tokyo is a true vacation wonderland. The Imperial Palace is one must-see sight; its phenomenal and intricate gardens alone are a great reason to visit. The Asakusa temple is another very popular tourist attraction, allowing you to get a feel for the cultural traditions of Japan and its people. Those who want a true bird's eye view of the sprawling city can head over to the Tokyo Tower, which affords breathtaking, panoramic views of the city - and provides some amazing photo opportunities, too.

Where to eat

The people of Tokyo take their fine dining very seriously - in fact, they take their casual dining seriously, too! There are plenty of great places to eat. Kappo Nakajima (Shinjuku 3-32-5, Tokyo) allows you to experience a bevy of tasty sardine dishes. If you're looking to spend quite a bit of money, head to Torafugu-Tei (Kabukicho 2-11-7, Tokyo), where the blowfish is perhaps the most famous dish. Finally, find out what authentic Okinawan cuisine is like by dining at Yanbaru (Shinjuku 3-23-6, Tokyo) - your taste buds will be in for a real treat!

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