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Santo Domingo

Originally founded by Christopher Columbus back in 1496, Santo Domingo is the modern capital of the Dominican Republic and the largest city in that country as well. It is a popular tourist destination partly due to its rich, compelling history and partly due to the incredible vacation deals that abound in the area. Indeed, it's easy to find private jet charter flights into Santo Domingo as well as some incredible hotel deals. With a temperate climate and a very friendly citizenry, Santo Domingo is a fine place to enjoy a vacation - and its long, rich history means there are plenty of historic sites to enjoy as well. Punta Cana is another popular Dominican Republic vacation destination.

The weather is warm and pleasant in Santo Domingo and most of the Dominican Republic all year round, which is partly what makes it such a popular choice for tourists. However, if you want to enjoy warm weather without a lot of rain, you should aim to come to Santo Domingo between March and mid-July. As this is usually the peak tourist season as well, it can get crowded here then. However, it's also very easy to find top travel deals to Santo Domingo during that time of the year.

How to get there

The vast majority of visitors to Santo Domingo arrive there via plane. In that case, you will be flying in to Las Americas International Airport (SDQ), which is a full service airport featuring many major charter jet airlines. Thanks to that fact, it's easy to get airline jet tickets into and out of Santo Domingo if you are willing to look. Upon arriving, many people choose to rent a car. Fortunately, most of the major car rental agencies also work out of Las Americas International Airport, so you can get reasonable car deals that will help you save money on your trip as well.

Where to stay

Due to its sprawling nature, Santo Domingo has plenty of hotels to choose from with its boundaries. Hotel deals are abundant here, whether you're looking to procure a luxury hotel or more modest accommodations. One of the most exceptional luxury hotels in Santo Domingo is, by far, the Hostal Nicolas de Ovando Santo Domingo (Calle Las Damas Cuidad Colonia, Santo Domingo), which pairs great service with very well appointed rooms and superb amenities. Middle of the road accommodations can be enjoyed at the Hotel Frances (Calle Las Mercedes Esquina, Santo Domingo), where cheap rates meet fine service. Finally, budget travelers will find that the BQ Santo Domingo (Av Sarasota #53, Santo Domingo) offers very competitive rates.

What to do

Whether your interests lie in historical sites or nighttime revelry, you'll find plenty of both in Santo Domingo. The Alcázar de Colón, built in 1510 by the first son of Christopher Columbus, is a definite must see. It is a visually stunning villa that impresses not only with its amazing architecture but also by virtue of the fact that it has held up so well through all of these years. If you still haven't gotten your fix of history in Santo Domingo, head over to the Colonial Zone which boasts many fine examples of 15th century and 16 century architecture. Finally, the Museum of the Casas Reales offers a fascinating glimpse into what life was like in Santo Domingo during the 16th century, through a fine collection of art. Keep in mind that most of the museums in Santo Domingo offer very cheap admission, so you won't have to worry about exceeding your budget while here.

Where to eat

For delightful Italian cuisine at a very reasonable price in Santo Domingo, try stopping in at Pepetroni (23 Av. Sarasota and Winston Churchill, Santo Domingo). The service is always great and the food is fresh and delicious. If you develop a hankering for some steak while in the city, stop for a meal at David Crocket (Calle Gustavo Mejia Ricart 34, Santo Domingo). Although it isn't cheap, it isn't outrageously expensive either. Finally, sample some genuine Caribbean cuisine at El Conuco (Calle Casimiro de Moya #152, Santo Domingo), which offers a range of affordable options that will satisfy your hunger.

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