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San Juan

Situated on the Caribbean, San Juan is the capital of Puerto Rico, as well as its largest city. People who wish to enjoy fantastic vacation deals without having to worry about the hassle of getting a passport find that San Juan is a great option. Between the vibrant city life and the beautiful beaches, all within easy distance from one another, San Juan offers the best of both worlds to people who want to find cheap, enjoyable travel accommodations. Without a doubt, a trip to San Juan is much more affordable than many other exotic locales - but every bit as enjoyable.

If you have a choice, the best time to come to San Juan, Puerto Rico is from December to April. That's when the weather is at a consistently pleasant temperature and there isn't excessive rainfall. The majority of travel websites concur that summers in San Juan can be punishingly hot, humid and wet - not great weather for those who want to enjoy San Juan's excellent outdoor opportunities. Although April to December is the busiest tourist season in San Juan, there are always plenty of hotel deals and car deals to take advantage of.

How to get there

Since Puerto Rico is an island, the main way that most people find their way over to San Juan is by private jet charter plane. In that case, Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport is the place where the majority of tourists start off their San Juan vacation. Airfare deals are plentiful for flights going into and out of Luis Muñoz Marín, and many package deals include flights for that airport as well. There is an abundance of car rental agencies at the airport so you can secure excellent car deals, if necessary.

In many cases, renting a car may not even be necessary. If you'll be enjoying a package deal, you'll most likely catch a shuttle bus from the airport. From there, many hotel deals are located within easy distance to most things. Whatever you decide to do, there are plenty of cheap options for enjoying - and getting around - San Juan.

Where to stay

For budget travelers, there are plenty of cheap hotels and hotel deals to enjoy in and around San Juan, Puerto Rico. One excellent example of a pleasant, reasonably priced hotel in San Juan is the Oceana Hostal Playero (1853 McLeary Ave., San Juan), which has rock bottom prices but clean, comfortable rooms and decent amenities. For a little bit more money per night, you can stay at the Beach House Hotel (4851 Isla Verde Avenue, Carolina) which is right on the beach and very convenient. Finally, those who wish to splurge on their hotel stay can check in at the Ritz-Carlton San Juan (6961 Avenue Of The Governors, Carolina), where top notch service and incredibly well appointed rooms are par for the course.

What to do

There are plenty of historical attractions in and around San Juan for people who are into that kind of thing. El Castillo San Felipe del Morro - nicknamed "El Morro" - is a citadel that was built during the 1500s that can be toured by people who want to learn a bit more about the fascinating history and culture of the area. Another great place is El Cathedral de San Juan Bautista, an old cathedral that is particularly notable for being the burial place of renowned explorer Juan Ponce de Leon. The architecture and history of the place is truly breathtaking and well worth a visit.

Where to eat

If you come to San Juan, you'd better be hungry because there is plenty of delicious, cheap food to enjoy here. Try something a little exotic by stopping by Tierra del Fuego (3rd Level at Plaza las Américas, San Juan). The meat is delectable and the atmosphere is unbeatable. Those who are in the mood for an Italian feast should head over to Al Dente (Calle Recinto Sur 309, Old San Juan), which is the oldest Italian restaurant in the city. Finally, experience authentic Puerto Rican cuisine at El Asador (350 San Francisco St., Old San Juan).

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