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Playa Del Carmen

Located on Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula, Playa Del Carmen - often referred to simply as "Playa" by local residents and frequent visitors - is a great place to escape from the cold and snow of winter. As one of the top travel destinations in Mexico, Playa Del Carmen is bursting at its seams with great vacation deals and there are always plenty of budget-friendly travel discounts available for those willing to look for them. Without a doubt, a visit to Playa Del Carmen is worth every single penny - but spending a lot fewer pennies is always easy!

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The absolute best weather in Playa Del Carmen happens during the spring and winter months. This also coincides with when the majority of people come to Playa Del Carmen; as many travel sites will tell you, winter and spring are the tourist seasons here. Summers aren't bad in Playa Del Carmen, except it can become uncomfortably hot outside - and frequent rainfall can also sometimes present a problem. Year round, it's easy to find top travel deals in Playa Del Carmen - although they are easier to come by in the summer.

How to get there

Since you'll most likely be arriving by plane, you'll probably be flying in to Cancun International Airport (CUN). The majority of people who come to Playa Del Carmen fly into Cancun, then take a bus or a private transfer to their hotel. You can usually find airline private jet flights to Cancun International, since it's such a popular airport for tourists. Compare rates online, or sign up for a travel deals newsletter geared toward the region, to save big.

Many people simply get dropped off at their hotels and go on foot from there when visiting Playa Del Carmen. The other most popular option is car rentals. It's usually easy to find car deals near Cancun International Airport, so be sure to check it out while there.

Where to stay

Resorts are quite popular in Playa Del Carmen, and the Banyan Tree Mayakoba (Carretera Federak, Playa del Carmen) is definitely one of the classiest, most luxurious resorts around. If money is not an issue, this is the place to be; sometimes, you can even find great hotels deals here during the off season. On the opposite end of the scale in terms of price is the Hotel Maya-Bric (Av. 5 Nte, Playa del Carmen), where you can save tons of money and find clean, quiet cheap rooms. Finally, a nice compromise between luxury and low prices can be had at the Hacienda Paradise Boutique Hotel (Av 10 norte entre calles 20 y 22, Playa del Carmen) - you can find great vacation deals while enjoying exceptional amenities.

What to do

Diving and snorkeling are immensely popular activities for visitors to Playa Del Carmen. There are plenty of tour groups that offer cheap deals on packages offering scuba diving right in the area, so check them out if a more adventurous time is your speed. If you like animals, check out the spider monkey sanctuary in Playa Del Carmen called The Jungle Place. A great nature reserve to visit while in Playa Del Carmen is called the Rio Secreto; it's easy to while away an hour or two while taking in the phenomenally breathtaking scenery.

Where to eat

One thing's for sure: you won't go hungry in Playa Del Carmen. Delectable examples of local cuisine and many other styles are plentiful here. From expensive to cheap, there's an eatery that will suit the budget of any traveler. For great, eclectic European fare, check out Cocina 38 (38th and 40th, Playa del Carmen); it is a bit pricey, but the food is amazing. La Cueva del Chango (Calle 38, Playa del Carmen) is also suitable for anyone who wants to try a bit of amazing food at a lower price.

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