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Considered by many to be the cultural capital of Canada, Montreal - the second largest city in that country - has a lot to offer people who choose to visit here. This lively and vibrant city is frequently featured on travel websites for having some of the best vacation deals around. No matter what sort of things you're interested in when seeing when traveling, there's sure to be something that suits your fancy on this densely packed island in the St. Lawrence River.

Although the city looks positively magical during the winter months, it can also get incredibly cold then. Therefore, most people prefer to visit Montreal during the summer; June, July, August and September are the most popular months for travelers. Travel discounts don't tend to be as abundant during those months, but if you take your time you should be able to track down some decent travel deals for trips to Montreal year round.

How to get there

Montreal is served by the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Airport (YUL), which is about a half an hour away from the heart of the city. Private jet charter flights to Montreal, especially for those willing to do a bit of digging. If you're unable to find charter airline flights for the dates that you require, those, Montreal is easily accessible by a number of different major freeways. Autoroute 20, for instance, is a major thoroughfare and is the Quebec portion of Ontario's 401. Otherwise, Autoroute 40 is another well suited avenue for getting into Montreal. If you fly in but want the ability to get around by car, look for car deals near the airport, where many major car rental chains do business.

Where to stay

As such a major commercial and cultural hub, Montreal is home to many fantastic hotels and has plenty of options when it comes to places to stay. It's easy to find hotel deals for accommodations all over the city; no matter what sorts of amenities you require, you're bound to find exactly the right thing for the right price. If exceptional quality and top of the line luxury is to your liking, then the Hotel Le St. James (355 Rue Saint-Jacques, Montreal) is probably your best bet. The quality of the rooms and the impeccable service make it a natural top choice. On the other end of the scale, there are plenty of very economical, low budget hotels in the city as well; try the Econo Lodge Downtown Montreal (2060 Rue Saint-Dominique). If your tastes - and budget - fall somewhere in the middle, the Hotel Le Cantlie Suites (1110 Rue Sherbrooke Ouest) offer a pleasant compromise. Without question, you can find cheap hotel rooms within the city limits, if you're willing to look.

What to do

There's something for everyone to see and do in Montreal. No matter what part of the city you're staying in, there's sure to be something nearby that will keep everyone happy. Old Town Montreal is a wonderful area to roam around; the majority of the city's historic buildings can be found here, so history buffs will be in seventh heaven. Gamblers will enjoy the Casino de Montréal, where they can try their hand at a number of different popular games. Stargazers will get a kick out of the Montreal Planetarium, too, which can easily be included on tours around the city. There are plenty of top travel deals for attractions around the city.

Where to eat

In downtown Montreal, one of the best places to eat is Café Presto (1244 Stanley, Montreal); the food here is casual Italian, and the prices are pleasantly low. It's possible for a couple to enjoy a nice meal for very little money. In Montreak's Old City section, you can enjoy a top of the line meal in one of the finest restaurants in the city at Chez L'epicier Restaurant Bar a Vin (311 Rue Saint-Paul). A more affordable option in the Old City section is Le Jardin Nelson (407 Place Jacques-Cartier), which serves fresh and delicious food for a very budget friendly price.

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