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As the largest city in Wisconsin, Milwaukee sits on the southwest shore of Lake Michigan, one of the five Great Lakes. For years, Milwaukee was the number one beer brewing city in the world; after three breweries shut their doors here, though, it lost that distinction. However, beer brewing is still a major part of this bustling city's identity. Milwaukee is also famous for hosting dozens of popular festivals; during festival times, there are always plenty of great travel deals to choose from in and around the city; you can snag terrific hotel deals and get private jet flights easily.

Since it's located in the northern part of the United States, Milwaukee is no stranger to cold, blustery winters. Add in a good dose of lake effect wind chill, and you've got winters that can be downright forbidding. The best times, then, to come to Milwaukee are anytime but the winter; summers are delightful and temperatures rarely get excessively high. As many popular travel websites are quick to point out, late spring and early fall are also very nice times to come to Milwaukee.

How to get there

Milwaukee is very centrally located in the upper Midwest, and it is considered to be a transportation hub in many ways. Therefore, finding your way in shouldn't be difficult. Mitchell International Airport is a busy place, where incoming and outgoing flights are frequent. By taking your time and doing a bit of research, you can easily track down cheap airline tickets for flights into Milwaukee. Car deals are plentiful there, too, for those who want a rental to get around during their visit.

If you'll be driving in to Milwaukee, I-94 will connect you from the west and is a major thoroughfare in region. From the north and southwest, I-43 is a suitable option. If you're coming over from Michigan, you can take a ferry from Muskegon across Lake Michigan during the spring and the summer.

Where to stay

Milwaukee is awash in plenty of great hotel deals. Those in search of top notch accommodations can't do much better than the Iron Horse Hotel (500 W Florida Street, Milwaukee), which brings superior service and impeccable amenities to the table. Families traveling on a tight budget will find the La Quinta Inn (5442 N Lovers Lane Rd, Milwaukee) to be perfectly acceptable. Mid-range accommodations can be found at the Ramada Inn (633 W Michigan St, Milwaukee).

What to do

One great place to visit while in Milwaukee is the Milwaukee Art Museum, which is perhaps the most recognizable and stunning buildings on the Milwaukee skyline. The exhibits here are eclectic and fascinating, showcasing a broad swath of intriguing works of art. Admission is fairly cheap, so stopping by the museum won't cost you an exorbitant amount of money. Another lovely spot to visit in Milwaukee is the Domes at Mitchell Park. Milwaukee's botanical gardens are housed within these fascinatingly designed domes, and each dome features a different ecosystem and a whole different feel. Finally, television and history buffs alike will get a kick out of the Fonzie Statue that's located on the east side of the Milwaukee River. Made out of bronze, it pays tribute to Arthur "Fonzie" Fonzarelli, a character in the popular television series "Happy Days."

Where to eat

If you're in Milwaukee and want to sink your teeth into a juicy, mouth watering steak, head over to Carnivore (724 N. Milwaukee St., Milwaukee). Travel sites and locals agree that you just can't get a better steak in the city of Milwaukee. On the other hand, you might find yourself in Milwaukee with a yen for an Italian feast; in that case, be sure to try Carini's LaConca d'Oro (3468 N. Oakland Ave., Milwaukee) for reasonably priced - yet delicious - food. Since Milwaukee is a quintessential all American city, it makes sense to nosh on a cheeseburger while here; in that case, Sobelman's (1900 W. St. Paul Ave., Milwaukee) is the best place to do so.

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