Massachusetts Private Jet Charter Flights


Massachusetts - nicknamed The Bay State - is a state that wears many different hats. As the location of much of the birth of the United States, Massachusetts is home to a plethora of fascinating historical sites. On the other hand, Massachusetts is also known for being incredibly scenic; Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard are just two examples of the things that come to mind when the term "Massachusetts vacation" springs up, and are among the top attractions listed in any Massachusetts travel guide. With so much to see and do, families, couples and groups of friends seek out travel deals and fill private jet flights to Massachusetts throughout the year, staying in fantastically cheap hotels and taking advantage of the charter airline flights that can be found with just a few clicks of their computer mouse.

The weather in Massachusetts does not generally feature the extremes that are so common in more northern states. Precipitation is relatively steady year-round, meaning rain in the spring and summer and snow during the winter. However, you won't need major winter gear to enjoy the colder months in this gorgeous state, and you will likely find even better travel deals and private jet charter flights during the wetter months. If weather is of chief concern, though, spring and fall are the two best times of year to look for travel deals and private jet charter flights to Massachusetts. Travelers who book private jet flights to Massachusetts during the summer will not want to miss the scenic coastline, and may want to consider looking for cheap hotels near the ocean for a relaxing seaside retreat.

Due to its relatively mild climate throughout the year and the travel deals that can be found for luxury hotels and private jet flights to Massachusetts during less popular travel times, travelers may want to book their airline tickets for the off-season to get the best Massachusetts travel deals.

How to get there

Thanks to its location on the East Coast, Massachusetts is relatively easy to get to - and to get around. Many major interstate freeways cross through and nearby the state, meaning you'll find traveling by car quite agreeable. If you're flying in from elsewhere, Boston's Logan Airport (BOS) is one of the most bustling, well-appointed international airports on the East Coast and is sure to accommodate you perfectly. Better yet, there are plenty of airfare deals to be had flying into and out of Logan.

Where to stay

No matter where you go in Massachusetts, you're sure to find suitable accommodations. From high end hotels to exceptional hotel deals, there's something priced right for everyone. If you're looking for a vacation that's chock full of history, culture, fine dining - and a very agreeable nightlife - you simply can't do better in Massachusetts than Boston. For those who demand only the best, the Westin Copley Place (10 Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA 02116) offers exceptional luxury and stunning views of the Back Bay and the Charles River. For more moderate accommodations, try out the Boston Park Plaza Hotel & Towers (50 Park Plaza, Boston, MA 0211). Traveling on a budget? The Midtown Hotel (220 Huntington Ave., Boston MA 02115) is affordably priced and centrally located.

What to do

No matter where you go in the state, there's something for everyone all around Massachusetts. In Boston, The Freedom Trail is an excellent way to get a taste for all of the history of this famous city; you'll visit sixteen different historical sites along the way, so be sure to bring a camera.

On Cape Cod, whale watching is a tremendously popular thing to do - it's easy to find a place offering the service, especially at the furthermost point of the Cape, Provincetown. Catch a ferry from Falmouth/Woods Hole, Harwich or Hyannis over to Martha's Vineyard for the day to find out why America's "Royal Family" - the Kennedy's - have made it their home away from home.

Elsewhere in the state, you can combine history with scenery by spending a couple of hours in Plymouth, where the Pilgrims famously landed and where you can check out the Mayflower II. Mystic Seaport is another great example of history meeting a stunning backdrop, as many different types of boats can be toured. Finally, if you enjoy getting the chills then be sure to stop at Salem, site of the famous Salem Witch Trials.

Where to eat

You simply can't visit Massachusetts without sampling some of its exceptional seafood. The ocean is a huge part of the culture here, and the fruits of that labor is evident in the exquisite seafood restaurants that dot the state. In the Cape, check out The Paddock (20 Scudder Avenue, Hyannis) for a delectable meal. If you're in Boston, get your seafood fix at Legal Seafoods (21 Park Plaza, Boston) or at just about any restaurant downtown. Finally, for some classic American fare off the mainland, try out Chacellor's Restaurant (71 Easton Street, Nantucket).

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