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Since it is the capital of Spain, Madrid finds its way into many travel Web site's top travel deals. Private jet flights are also lurking out on the ether if you take the time to look for them. Madrid is home to over three million people as well as the Spanish Royal Family. Historically, Madrid has been around since the eighth century when it existed as a fortress on the banks of the Manzanares River. Even with such a long history, though, Madrid is a modern metropolis that features amazing architecture, excellent atmosphere and many tourist attractions.

The most ideal times to visit Madrid are during the months of March through May and September through November. The weather is beautiful and the crowds are light. Save some of your cash, however, for some of the many souvenirs that can be found in this gorgeous city. One thing to keep in mind, if you’re traveling during the summer months from June through August, is that it is stifling hot and you may find yourself staying inside in the air conditioning.

How to get there

Madrid supports the Madrid Barajas Airport, which is the busiest International airport in Spain. The airport is located about eight miles northeast of the heart of Madrid and it handles nearly 40 million passengers per year and if you shop online, it’s pretty easy to compare rates at all of the different travel agency sites. These sites are also the best places to find private jet charter flights to Madrid. The airport is also a great place to find car rental deals at any of the local car rental agencies located there or nearby.

Where to stay

If you are traveling in Madrid on a fairly tight budget, you’ll want to try the Alicia hotel, Prado 2. The Alicia is tucked into one of the more chic neighborhoods in Madrid and features rooms that are more like a fancy version of your best friend’s room where you’ve decided to crash for the night. For a more mid-range budget, the Hotel Wellington, Calle Velázuez 8, is a fashionable hotel that dates back to the 1950s. The rooms are stylishly decorated and the hotel sports the Goizeko Wellington, a gourmet restaurant that is popular among bullfighters. If money isn’t an object, the Westin Palace Hotel, Plaza de las Cortes 7, offers an unforgettable view of the entire city from many of its well-appointed rooms. The best way to find good hotel deals is to search travel sites and compare rates as much as possible.

Interactive exhibits and amazing displays are housed in the Cosmo Caixa. This super cool science museum is located outside the city center, but is well worth the trip, especially for families that have children. Whether you agree with it or not, bullfighting is to Madrid what beer is to Germany. The people of Madrid go all out when it comes to celebrating their bullfighters and this can be seen in the Plaza de Toros Las Ventas, where 24,000 onlookers can watch Spain’s most popular sport. Another amazing spectacle is the Royal Palace. Surprisingly, the Royal Palace in Madrid is the largest palace located in Western Europe. The palace is also an open door to history because many of the original walls that surround it were the boundaries of old Madrid and are still visible today.

Madrid is a city that is full of culinary spots that can be enjoyed by all. One of the best is Casa Lucio, Cava Baja 35, which is still frequented by some members of the royal family. La Broche, Calle Miguel Angel 29, featuring Chef Sergi Arola, is a cut from the norm in terms of Barcelona cuisine. Arola, trained by El Ferran Adriá, creates new and exciting dishes that depart from the traditional cuisine of Barcelona. La Terraza del Casino, Alcalá 15, in the heart of Madrid, features fresh seasonal ingredients and new interpretations of traditional Spanish dishes.

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