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Hong Kong

Due to the many different directions that it has been pulled in throughout its storied history, Hong Kong is a truly fascinating and multifaceted place to enjoy superb travel deals and a bevy of intriguing attractions. Although this Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China is a hot destination for well-to-do Chinese citizens, it is important to note that vacation deals are definitely plentiful here. With its prime location on a harbor, Hong Kong is chock full of historical, cultural and purely entertaining things to see and do. A favorite of some of the best travel websites, Hong Kong is a traveler's dream come true.

Unlike some destinations, you don't have to worry about getting too cold in Hong Kong. On the contrary, beating the heat is the overarching goal of virtually every visitor; as a result, most people prefer to visit Hong Kong between September and February. Knowledgeable travel sites usually advise people to visit then, when the weather is much cooler and rain is much less frequent. Summertime is still an okay time of year to come to Hong Kong, but walking around in very high temperatures can become uncomfortable.

How to get there

Hong Kong International Airport - which is situated on a small island called Chek Lap Kok - is the primary way that most visitors to Hong Kong arrive. Private jet charter flights to Hong Kong, especially for those who book in advance and keep their eye on the prices. Airfare deals spring up with regularity for trips to Hong Kong, and savvy travelers know to sign up for a travel deals newsletter to stay in the loop. Better still, this airport boasts a great assortment of car rental agencies that offer up excellent car deals throughout the year. Indeed, Hong Kong International Airport is a state of the art facility.

The other main way that people get into Hong Kong is via ferry boat. Ferries from Macau are very popular and relatively cheap, too, so if you need to get into Hong Kong from mainland China they are a very good option. Traveling by car into Hong Kong can be tricky since there are several checkpoints to contend with that can seriously slow down your progress. The best travel deals can be found and enjoyed by flying into this major city.

Where to stay

While it is definitely true that Hong Kong tends to veer more towards glamorous things, there are plenty of hotel deals to take advantage of in this vibrant city. People who are traveling on a strict budget should consider staying at the Dorsett Kowloon Hotel (46-48 Anchor Street, Hong Kong), where rates are cheap but accommodations are fine. A slightly nicer option - for only a bit more money - would be the City Garden Hotel (9 City Garden Road, Hong Kong), which has a superior location. Finally, people who demand only the finest when it comes to travel accommodations should stay at The Peninsula Hong Kong (Salisbury Road, Hong Kong), which is extremely well regard by travel sites.

What to do

You're never going to get bored when you visit Hong Kong. With so many travel discounts to enjoy, you can see the sights while saving money. Try out the Peak Tower at the top of Victoria Peak for a stunning panoramic view of the city. Learn more about the culture and history of Hong Kong over at the Hong Kong Heritage Museum. The Hong Kong Museum of Art is a wonderful place to acquaint yourself with top art from the region, as well.

Where to eat

Experience some of the best dining in Hong Kong by enjoying a meal at Fook Lam Moon (53-59 Kimberley Rd, Hong Kong); if nothing else, try their dim sum for a real treat. A very pleasant mid-priced restaurant to try out is The Red Ant (27 Ashley Road, Hong Kong), which features light meals and healthy food for hungry travelers and locals alike. Finally, cheap eats can be had at Istanbul Express (1 Hart Avenue, Hong Kong), where hot shish kabobs and other Turkish fare is in abundance.

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