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Fort Myers

With its location on the Gulf of Mexico in southwestern Florida, Fort Myers offers a delightful alternative to many of the more crowded regions in the north and southeast parts of the state. Since the city is considered to be the "gateway" to southwest Florida, there are usually plenty of great travel deals to be had, including charter airline flights and luxury hotels, no matter what time of year it may be. Upscale shopping and dining is available in the city, but the beaches in Fort Myers are what lure most travelers in, and form the nucleus of many top travel deals to the region.

Golf enthusiasts will find plenty of opportunities to spend a day on the green at one of the 50 public and private golf courses in the Fort Myers area, while those who prefer boating or fishing will find no end to the possibilities of how they can fill their days while making the most of Fort Myers travel deals. Travelers looking for laid-back leisure activities may want to consider looking into the travel deals available for day or dinner cruises along the Caloosahatchee River or to the Florida Keys, renting a sailboat for a self-guided tour, or simply ending an afternoon of sightseeing by watching the sun set over the Caloosahatchee River before heading back to their hotels to rest up for the next days adventures. Culture lovers will want to obtain a travel guide to learn more about the cultural and historical attractions in Fort Myers, such as the Edison and Ford Winter Estates and the Fort Myers Historical Museum, while families will enjoy the Imaginarium Hands-On Museum and the Calusa Nature Center and Planetarium.

There is really no wrong time to visit Fort Myers, but there are certain times of the year when it is easier to find hotels, private jet charter flights to Fort Myers and other travel deals. It has a lovely tropical climate year round, although different seasons do bring different characteristics to the table, as well as varying prices for charter airline flights and fewer or more abundant travel deals. Most notably, the summers here can be exceptionally hot, humid and wet; this is why most people prefer to come to Fort Myers during the winter. Travel websites note a definite spike in vacations to Fort Myers during the winter, especially among people from more northerly climates who book private jet flights to Florida to get a break from the cold and snow. Travel deals on cheap hotels and cheap flights to Fort Myers are available during this high season; however, travelers looking for significant savings on their Fort Myers travel will usually find the best travel deals, including private jet flights and luxury hotels, during the summer months.

How to get there

Although it's not the most popular airport in the world, most people who plan on arriving in or near Fort Myers do so via the Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW). Private jet flights in and out of that airport are plentiful, especially if you are willing to book in advance. By booking early, you can easily procure cheap airline tickets and save a great deal of money in getting to Fort Myers. Upon arrival, there are an abundance of car rental agencies in and around the airport where you can get car deals.

If arriving by car, you'll most likely get to Fort Myers via Interstate 75. This freeway runs north and south up and down the state of Florida, and is one of the primary routes for getting around the state.

Where to stay

People looking for very inexpensive - yet comfortable - places to stay in Fort Myers won't be disappointed. Plenty of exceptional hotel deals abound in the Fort Myers-Cape Coral region. One particularly good example of a budget hotel in Fort Myers is La Quinta Inn and Suites (20091 Summerlin Road, Fort Myers), which is clean, well-managed and cheap. A nice middle of the road option for those who want a bit more in the way of amenities but who don't want to spend a fortune is the Neptune Inn (2310 Estero Blvd, Fort Myers) which is located right on the beach. Finally, upscale accommodation in Fort Myers doesn't get much better than Sanibel Harbour Resort & Spa (17260 Harbour Pointe Dr., Fort Myers), which will please even the most discerning traveler.

What to do

History buffs who come to the Fort Myers area are sure to enjoy a visit to the Edison and Ford Winter Estates. Formerly the winter homes of Thomas Edison and Henry Ford, these palatial residences have been turned into a museum that boasts many intriguing exhibits. Walking the grounds here is also enjoyable, and the whole thing is actually very cheap in terms of admission. The Minnesota Twins also conduct their spring training in Fort Myers, so swinging by to take in some training might be a fun way to spend a couple of hours on a nice day. Keep in mind, also, that many top travel packages to Fort Myers include stops at many interesting sights in the area.

Where to eat

Many restaurants in Fort Myers feature fresh seafood, but one of the best places to enjoy it is The Sandy Butler (17650 San Carlos Boulevard, Fort Myers). Whether you want to try the crab salad, some tilapia or even their famous Sunday brunch, it's a sure bet when you want truly delectable seafood. Cheap but delicious Peruvian cuisine can be enjoyed at El Patio Restaurant (4444 Cleveland Ave., Fort Myers); their ceviche is superb. Finally, mouthwatering Italian food is done right at Biancas Ristorante Italiano (16251 N Cleveland Ave Ste 19, Fort Myers). If pasta is your thing, then you'll be in seventh heaven at this Fort Myers institution.

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