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Known to locals as Firenze, Florence is one of the most stunning cities in Italy and is an absolute pleasure to visit. The city is packed full of incredible cultural and historic attractions, and it's easy to find very good vacation deals if you're willing to be a bit flexible. Most travel sites agree that it is best to set aside at least a week to see the best highlights of this amazing city, but shorter trips can be equally fun.

Anyone who's ever traveled to Europe knows that the spring and the fall are usually the best times to visit. Florence is no exception to this. March, April and May are all very nice times to come to this city, as are September, October and the first part of November. June, July and August can all be a bit hot and stuffy, and that's also when the city is the most crowded. If you must visit during December, January or February, be aware that snowfall is minimal but it can get quite cold here.

How to get there

The primary airport serving Florence is the Amerigo Vespucci International Airport. There are always plenty of charter airline flights to choose from for flights going into and going out of this major airport, so finding decent airfare rates shouldn't be a hassle. No matter what time of year - or what time of day - you need to get to Florence, you should be able to find a jet charter flight at a suitable time. Like most major airports, Amerigo Vespucci has plenty of car rental agencies; finding car deals is never a problem, and it is generally a convenient experience.

Plenty of major highways connect Florence to the rest of Italy, so if you'll be driving into the city it should be fairly straightforward. You can familiarize yourself with the local freeways by checking out various travel sites. The A-1 Autostrada is almost always going to be the primary way to get into and out of the city by car, so keep it in mind when you are navigating around the area.

Where to stay

Hotel deals are plentiful in Florence, and there are hotels of every rating available in this spectacular city. For top notch luxury accommodations, the Il Salviatino (Via Del Salviatino 21, Florence) is, by far, the finest place to stay in the city. Sumptuous decor and impeccable service combine to create a one of a kind hotel experience. A very nice example of a reasonable budget hotel in Florence is the Hotel Boboli (Via Romana 63, Florence) which has basic rooms and very cheap rates. A nice in-between option in Florence is the Hotel Unicorno (Via Fossi 27, Florence).

There's so much to see and do in Florence that the hard part of planning a visit is narrowing down the list of options. The top of any must-see list has to include the Uffizi, the premier art museum in the city that boasts works by all of the top Renaissance and Italian masters. Be sure to stop by the Accademia Gallery to check out the world renowned sculpture of David by Michelangelo. The Duomo di Firenze is one of the most stunning cathedrals in Florence, and is a very important part of the skyline of the city. There are many other great sights here, so be prepared to take a lot of photographs!

If you and your traveling companions wants to experience the best dining that Florence has to offer, you can't do much better than Enoteca Pinchiorri (Via Ghibellina 87, Florence), which boasts amazing cuisine and, perhaps, the best wine selection in the city. On the other end of the scale, cheap but delicious food can be had over at Trattoria Le Mossacce (Via Del Proconsolo, 55R, Florence), which specializes in traditional dishes and relies on fresh, quality ingredients. Finally, the Trattoria Cammillo (Borgo San Jacopo 57/R, Florence) offers up traditional Tuscan cuisine at very reasonable prices.

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