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As the capital of the Republic of Ireland, Dublin is a natural choice for anyone looking to take an interesting, fun-filled vacation. More than a quarter of all the people in Ireland live in the Dublin metropolitan area, meaning that there's never a dull moment in this jam packed city. There are many great travel deals to enjoy in and around Dublin, and the nightlife here is such that you'll never find yourself searching for ways to keep busy during the evening hours. Book a private jet charter flight to Dublin.

In terms of weather, one of the best times of year to visit Dublin is May or June. July and August also have nice weather, but they are also peak tourist seasons and it can be hard to find really good hotel deals during that time of year. During May and June, though, the weather is very nice and temperate and the crowds are relatively thin. Otherwise, September is a very good time to visit Dublin; the crowds from July and August are mostly gone, and the weather is neither too hot or too cold.

How to get there

The main airport in Dublin - called, appropriately enough, Dublin Airport - is located about six miles outside the city limits. It has only one terminal, although expansion plans are underway. Despite its rather compact size, Dublin Airport usually has plenty of cheap airline tickets - especially for those willing to do a little bit of digging. After snapping up cheap airline tickets, enjoy additional savings by tracking down car deals at one of the car rental agencies at the airport.

Since Ireland is an island, you can't very easily drive to it from elsewhere in Europe. In fact, driving in Dublin can be a miserable experience, what with all of the heavy traffic. If at all possible, avoid driving in or into Dublin at all costs. Public transportation is a cheap and efficient way to get around here. There are also ferry services to Wales and England at the port in Dublin, offering an alternative option for those who need to get into Dublin without a vehicle.

Where to stay

Dublin is bursting at its seams with great hotel deals, which is one of the main draws of this fascinating city. Most travel websites agree that virtually anyone should be able to find suitable - and affordable - accommodation in Dublin. For people on a strict budget, the Leeson Inn Downtown (24 Lower Leeson Street, Dublin) is a definite steal with its amazingly low rates. A bit higher up the scale - and boasting a bit more in the way of services and amenities - is the Isaacs Hotel (Store Street, Dublin). Finally, if money is no object then try staying at one of the premier hotels in Dublin. The Fitzwilliam Hotel (St Stephens Green, Dublin) is definitely one of the finest places to stay in the entire city.

There are many great things to see in Dublin; not all of them are cheap, but travel deals do abound. The Dublin Castle is a definite must-see when in the city, and is a great way to learn a bit more about the culture and history of this great city. The National Museum of Ireland is a wonderful place to spend a few hours - or even an entire afternoon - while in Dublin. The Bram Stoker Museum is a great thrill, especially for those who like to get a bit spooked out.

If you're in Dublin and want a delicious burger, head over to BoBos (22 Wexford Street, Dublin) which is cheap and tasty. The Idlewilde Cafe (20 St. Patrick's, Dublin) is a pleasant place to dine on delicious food, and is a superb choice when you need a decent restaurant to have dinner at in the city. Those who have a hankering for some Italian cuisine will find that Il Baccaro (Meeting House Square, Dublin) offers up all of the traditional dishes - along with some innovative ideas - all in a fresh, delicious way.

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