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As the capital of Germany and its largest city, Berlin is an excellent place to visit if you are looking for European vacation deals. The sheer size of this city means that there are plenty of different options in terms of accommodations, and travelers with all sorts of different budgets can find suitable places to stay and things to do here. With a long, rich history, a compelling culture and boundless attractions and things to see and do, Berlin is the quintessential European vacation destination and is a great place to find cheap deals on a variety of fun things.

No matter what time of year you visit, you're probably going to get rained on at some point while in Berlin. An umbrella is a definite must-have accessory when coming to this vast German city. Whether it's spring, summer, autumn or winter, precipitation is par for the course here. However, the best times of year to visit Berlin, according to most top travel sites, are from late spring to early autumn. During that time, it is generally quite temperate temperature-wise; during the height of summer, it can get rather hot but it's rare for temperatures to get excessively high.

How to get there

If you're going to be flying private jet in to Berlin, you have a couple of different options. While Tegel International Airport is the biggest airport here, it doesn't necessarily have the greatest number of private jet flights. The best place to get private jet charter flight into or out of Berlin is by using Schönefeld. Schönefeld is where most of the discount airlines operate, so try to zero in your search for charter flights on this airport and you're much likelier to get a great deal. Both airports have plenty of car rental agencies where car deals abound.

Arriving by train is another popular way of getting into Berlin, and train service in Germany is exceptional. You can take your pick from between the ICE, EuroCity and InterCity train systems. Finally, if you will be getting into the city via car, you'll have an easy time of things. Why? Because it's easy to get over to the A10, also known as the Berliner Ring. Please keep in mind that it gets crowded everywhere in Berlin during rush hour.

Where to stay

For those who demand the absolute best no matter where they go, the Radisson Blu Hotel (Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 3, Berlin) is among the top places to stay in this fantastic city. Although its rates are a bit high, the price is well worth it due to its exceptional service and outstanding amenities. A very nice budget option within the city limits of Berlin is the Comfort Hotel Weissensee (Rennbahnstrasse 87-88, Berlin); it's in a good location and offers clean, nice rooms. Finally, a middle of the road choice in Berlin is the Hotel Alsterhof (Augsburger Str. 5, Berlin), which combines cheap rates with pleasant accommodations.

What to do

Seeing a broad assortment of different museums while in Berlin is very easy, thanks to its highly esteemed Museum Island, known locally as the Museumsinsel. Here, you will find an abundance of art museums that span all sorts of different cultures and periods of history. Another good option while in Berlin is to learn more about its history by visiting Checkpoint Charlie, the famous crossing point on what was the border between East and West Germany. The Brandenburg Gate is another great way to get a feel for what the city - and country - was like while the Berlin Wall still stood, and before reunification.

Where to eat

There are plenty of excellent places to eat in Berlin. An abundance of cheap restaurants can be found right in Mitte, the city center of Berlin. Try Schinkel-Klause (Unter den Linden, 5, Berlin) for some phenomenal and authentic German cuisine that will sate even the biggest appetite. If you're in the mood for really tasty - but pricey - French cuisine, check out Eiffel (Ku'damm 105, Berlin). Finally, get a taste of the Orient by experiencing the Cambodian cuisine over at Restaurant Angkor Wat (Paulstraße 22, Berlin); it's mid-priced and sure to please everyone.

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