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With its excellent and prime location on the Mediterranean Coast, Barcelona - Spain's second largest city - is well known for boasting plenty of top travel deals and an abundance of cheap flights. After hosting the 1992 Summer Olympics, Barcelona's popularity surged by a significant degree. Since then, this eclectic city has frequently been featured on travel websites and more people than ever before have made a point of visiting. With its high concentration of museums, historical buildings, lovely promenades and other sights, Barcelona is a traveler's dream come true.

Most travel sites agree: spring is the best time of year to come to Barcelona. Why? For one thing, temperatures are warm, but not humid and scorching as they can be in the summer. Also, sparser crowds in the spring make it easier to roam around freely and with less stress. It's easier to take advantage of discount travel options around this bustling metropolis when there are fewer crowds to work around. Barcelona is a pedestrian's dream come true, but it's much easier to enjoy those broad boulevards during temperate weather. Best of all, spring is a great time to snap up exceptional hotel deals in Barcelona.

How to get there

Barcelona International Airport is where the vast majority of people who come to Spain's second largest city arrive. It's easy to find private jet charter flights to Barcelona International Airport, which can save a significant amount of money off of the cost of a vacation here. Flights from Europe and from around the world are handled at this thoroughly modern airport, and it is laid out in a way that makes finding gates and other important locations easy. Those who require rental cars can take their pick from among several car deals at the many agencies that do business out of this airport.

The other way that most visitors arrive in Barcelona is by train. Traveling by train is a cheap way to see the country, and it's easy to find cheap fares into Barcelona. Although you can drive into Barcelona from elsewhere in Spain, it is actually often cheaper to pay for a train ticket. Regardless of how you choose to get in, you will find plenty of travel discounts and ways to save money while visiting Barcelona.

Where to stay

Happily enough for budget travelers, hotel deals are abundant in Barcelona. Whether you're looking for world-class accommodations or simpler places, you can rest assured that there will be a suitable option in this amiable city. The Princesa Sofia Gran Hotel (Plaza Pio Xii, 4, Barcelona) is a wonderful option for people who demand the absolute best from their hotels. Those who want to combine hotel deals with impeccable amenities should consider booking a stay at the Ab Viladomat Hotel (Viladomat 197, Barcelona), which features discounted rates and pleasant surroundings. Finally, those who need to watch every penny should consider staying at the Hotel Ronda Lesseps (Carrer Ballester,77-81, Barcelona), which is low priced but still agreeable.

What to do

Barcelona is chock full of surprises, especially for people who have never had the pleasure of visiting. If you are a fan of football, be sure to stop by Camp Nou, where the FC Barcelona team is headquartered and where you can view a fascinating museum that boasts several of the wildly successful team's trophies, cups and awards. There are also several great museums in Barcelona; travel discounts are often available, especially if you purchase a pass. One must-see museum in this sprawling city is the Catalan Archeological Museum, which houses rare finds from digs around Catalonia.

Where to eat

If you're going to be in Barcelona, it is imperative that you sample some of the local Spanish cuisine. Stop in at Arrel (Fusina 5, Barcelona) for a taste of what makes the dishes from this country so famous. You can find cheap but delicious food over at Pollo Rico (C/Sant Pau 31, Barcelona), which serves up grilled chicken in a variety of mouthwatering ways. Finally, if you're lucky there will be room available at Cal Pep (Placa de les Olles, 8, Barcelona), a small but very popular eatery with a delightful menu.

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