Business Charter Flight

Many charter flights are scheduled every day. The Viza Jet aircraft fleet consists of small, medium and large sized jets suitable for short hop (Internal) and trans Atlantic (External) journeys all around the world.

Customers can usually guarantee charter flight aircraft availability in busy holiday periods. Convenience is the key advantage with charter flights. Flights are simply scheduled around a person as opposed to an operator or airline company. Smaller aircraft also have greater access to a much wider range of airports throughout the world. This means it’s easier to travel more directly to most destinations.

Business Charter Flights

Business charter flights are becoming a more increasingly popular form of transport because they’re quick, easy and empower decision makers to hold meetings they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to travel to.

Flying by charter flights is a privilege because of the accessibility benefits and luxury surrounds. Times, places, dates can all be configured around an individual – meaning charter flights are custom made and designed to fit 100% of flyer requirements.

Charter flights are duly credited and recognized by the FAA

B2B Charter Flight

Charter flights for business owners going to meet other business owners is “the only way to travel”. It’s a great talking point in conversation with other business owners, it’s a type of travel reserved for the very wealthy. Technological advances have improved in the aviation industry making charter flights a more accessible for of transport to medium and large size business owners.

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