When To Buy And When To Charter A Jet

When To Buy And When To Charter A Jet

One way to know for certain if it’s best to charter or buy a jet is to analyse the limitations of jet charter. If the limitations don’t fulfil the traveller requirement, then maybe jet ownership is the only option.

Frequent flyers often select a jet card scheme to take full advantage of:

  • 0 membership costs
  • Discounted hourly aircraft rates
  • 0 management costs
  • Free upgrades (when available)
  • Use of more than one aircraft

The Gold Jet Card entitles jet travellers to a 3% discount on flight charges. The Platinum Jet Card entitles card holders to a 6% discount on flight charges. Jet cards entitle owners to a finite amount of flight hours. If with the incentivised discounts on the standard hourly charter rates aren’t financially beneficial then aircraft ownership or commercial air travel are probably the only alternatives.

Do The Pros Of Jet Charter Out Weight The Cons When Compared To Buying A Jet?

For some individuals aircraft acquisition might be more expensive than jet charter, but the individual might have the financial capacity to buy their preferred aircraft. For those that are aware of the depreciation value of a jet/helicopter and understand the maintenance and paperwork system associated with ownership – if buying a private jet isn’t essential they usually charter on a need be basis.

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