Renting A Private Jet

Renting A Private Jet

Private jet rental is a luxury that is now very affordable. Before renting a jet, you will need to be able to fly the plane. In order to rent a private jet, you must be able to provide the dealer with a pilot license to prove that you are capable of flying. 

Private jet rental requires that you have a FAA Private Pilot License for you to man the aircraft. Renting a private jet also requires that you have logged in 40 hours of flight time. This license for private jet rental is available only after passing a written exam issued by the FAA.

Now, you will need to contact a company and set up a lease for renting a private jet. The company will have a variety of sizes and amenities to suit your needs. There really is no boundary to what you can rent as long as you have the money to pay for the trip. Typically, private jet rental rates will range from $2,000 to $4,000 per hour depending on the size of the jet.

Smaller turboprop jets will cost about $1,000 per hour and include fuel but require that you make a two-hour minimum flight. Twin-engine aircraft will cost you about $500. This is one of the most affordable options when it comes to renting a private aircraft. Most private jet rental also includes a staff that will accompany you on your flight.Renting a private jet can be less expensive if extra seats are chartered to other passengers.

A private jet rental can ready to be off the ground within 24 hours of making a reservation. Renting a private jet also has the luxury of being able to leave for takeoff whenever you want. After renting a private jet, you will want to make sure you meet weight requirements for your flight and are under the maximum weight allowance. Private jet rental, in some cases, will also allow you to take pets as long as a deposit is paid. 

Renting a private jet is also a great way to enjoy flying without all the hassles of commercial airliners including the lines and the wait. Renting a private jet can be fun and luxurious way to travel. In addition, the comfort of having your own private jet for a day can be a relief when traveling through the air.


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