Private Jet Charter Services

Private Jet Charter Services

Private jet charter services are the new luxurious way to fly in the sky. Private air charter services are best suited for those traveling long distances and who would like to fly in luxury. When chartering a plane you are also able to avoid annoying checks at commercial flight terminals and minimize waiting time.

There are a multitude of plane options when choosing private jet charter services . The size of the plane and the level of comfort is only one aspect of chartering a jet. The cost of using a private jet charter service will vary by company and by the variable length of operation.

Private jet charter services are based on the cost of operation you use and the amenities that are included. The rates of a private jet charter service contains many variables like number of hours flown, pre-board requests, catering, crew expenses, ground and landing fees, taxes for domestic lights, and immigration taxes if you travel international. Chartered jets costs range from $700 for smaller turboprops to $5,200 per hour for bigger business jets.

A Citation jet, from a private jet charter services company, is one of the cheaper options. It carries up to 6 passengers and is a great for business meetings. On average, a private jet charter service will charge you about $1,860 per hour for the Citation. Most private jet charter services also have in stock the Gulfstream jet. This jet is by far the most luxurious and fastest. It carries up to 15 passengers and will run you about $5,000 per hour.

Other costs that may be included by the private jet charter service are wait time, staffing, positioning fees, short trip fees, and overnight fees. The private jet charter service will give you an estimate based on your specific needs. By using a private jet charter service, you can also save money by allowing others to ride with you and split the cost.

Doing this can cause a expensive trip to be cheaper if you are taking others who help pay for the trip. Most private jet charter service includes a staff that flies with you and is available to make the trip more comfortable. Private jet charter services will also serve food and drinks and will personally make the trip more enjoyable. Private jet charter services now make it easy for anyone to charter a flight and fly in style.


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