Marquis Jetcard

Marquis Jetcard

The Marquis jetcard entitles cardholders to use NetJets, which is a leading company in the private aviation services industry for those who prefer to fly privately. The jetcard offers reliable and superior standards of safety and is a high quality product that is unmatched. The jetcard comes with an excellent team of service professionals who are always ready to take care of your flying needs.

The Marquis jetcard provides cardholders with numerous benefits, including the following:

1. Cardholders have the option to use the global NetJets aircraft fleet, in blocks of 25 hours each time, to suit their needs.
2. The jetcard provides cardholders with convenience, freedom, flexibility and simplicity in regard to their traveling needs.
3. Clients are not required to sign any long-term contracts. You may purchase the jetcard when you need it for 25 hours of usage and then you have the option to renew or discard the jetcard when complete.
4. The jetcard comes with a guarantee of aircraft availability provided that notification is received 10 hours prior to flight use.
5. Jetcard cardholders are entitled to exclusive travel benefits from Marquis world-class alliance affiliates.
6. The jetcard gives cardholders private access to attend Marquis once in a lifetime events.
7. Cardholders may use the aircrafts for business or pleasure, as they so desire.
8. The jetcard provides cardholders with access to numerous airports in locations all around the world, including North America and Europe.
9. Cardholders are given the option to choose from 9 different types of aircrafts.
10. Cardholders may exchange their jet for a cabin of a different size to suit their needs. Note that this is subject to cabin availability.
11. Cardholders do not have to worry about incurring domestic deadhead or empty leg fees, as these are not applicable.
12. Cardholders may fly ferry free internationally using the Marquis jetcard to numerous countries around the world. They will not incur the ferry fees that are usually charged for such charter transactions.

The Marquis jetcard is a superior product offering clients with unsurpassed customer service and quality. There is no other company that can match what the NetJets has to offer its customers. They are the operator of the largest fractional aircraft fleet and offer clients exceedingly high standards when it comes to safety, security and service. The Marquis jetcard enables cardholders to travel as they need to without any hassle.


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