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How Much Is A Private Jet Per Hour?

The aircraft prices on the Private Jet Charter Prices website are advertised per hour.

Types of Private Charter Jets Available

Those traveller with specific aircraft preferences are invited to contact us. Would you like to charter one of these…

What You Need to Know Before Visiting Paris

This article provides some tips that will come in handy if you are planning to make a trip to Paris. Once you get to know them, your trip to the city will be a more pleasant and enjoyable experience.

Marquis Jetcard

The Marquis jetcard entitles cardholders to use NetJets, which is a leading company in the private aviation services industry for those who prefer to fly privately. The jetcard offers reliable and superior standards of safety and is a high quality product that is unmatched. The jetcard comes with an excellent team of service professionals who are always ready to take care of your flying needs.

Book a Private Jet for Your Next Excursion

Private jets are a necessary form of transportation despite today’s tough economic environment. You will discover that the advantages of private jets are numerous and their services are often used by companies along with individual flyers.

Jet Leasing and Financing

For those that travel frequently, an option that they have is jet leasing. This is a great option for those that do not want to deal with the major airlines yet still have places that they need to be. There are manyjet leasing plans to choose from. For example, you can choose to have private jet leasing, shared jet leasing, as well as just having the option of the one time use of the jet.

Fractional Jet Ownership Plans

Fractional jet ownership involves purchasing a portion of a private jet through a fractional jet company. You, along with other investors, share the aircraft for a set number of hours throughout the year. Withfractional jet ownership, how much you get to use the aircraft depends on the percentage that you own. A person who owns 1/8 may get to use the aircraft for 100 hours a year while a person who owns 1/16 of the aircraft may get to use it for 50 hours annually.

Private Jet Ownership Help

Long lines at airports, lost luggage, and flight delays are some of the common reasons why business professionals choose to invest their money in private jet ownership. By owning a business jet, these individuals save much more than convenience and the time wasted at commercial airports.

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