Air Taxi Booking

air taxi

Air taxi is a plane that is chartered often for short hop flights. London to Glasgow would be an example of a short hop air taxi trip. Air taxi often removes the need to travel by road or rail – hence makes journey times quicker and reduces the total travel time so that more hours can be spent doing business.

Air Taxi Operator Aircraft Fleet

Air taxi operators have various aircraft at their disposal ranging from light to large jets for short and long taxi air rides.

Air taxi is open to anyone who would prefer to pay more to travel more directly to their place of interest. Families, friends and business people may travel for a day’s outing to a sporting or entertainment event.

Who Air Taxi Is Aimed At On The Corporate Ladder

Air taxi’s are a high powered form of transport aimed at VIPs and high net worth individuals. It is often the case that multi national corporations select air taxi as the desired form of air travel for high pay level employees. Corporations prefer air taxi as a travel solution because it gets their employees to and from meetings and other important business events faster than any other mode of transport.

4 Important Air Taxi Advantages

  1. Fast plane turnaround – short notice flights are available
  2. Custom made flight plans orientated around the travellers schedule
  3. Multi destination routes available
  4. Private cabin to conduct business meetings and make important phone calls via satellite phone (in privacy)

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