About VizaJet

VizaJet.com was launched in 2011. We are a forward thinking company that puts U.K. private jet travellers first.

Question: In a competitive marketplace, how do you differentiate yourself from your competition?
Answer: Sell a better product or service.

Why We Work With Prive Jets – The Facts

  • Compared to the other inc.com shortlisted fastest growing private jet companies – VizaJet excels in the following areas:
    • Superior business growth 
      4 Year Growth: 540%
    • High customer retention levels
      VizaJet has fantastic customer retention levels because they offer outstanding customer service.
    • A smaller workforce that achieved higher growth (per employee)
      VizaJet is a very productive company because they are very good at what they do.
    • Worldwide sales and operations team 
      VizaJet is capable of fulfilling 99.9% of UK and European charterer requirements.
    • Strong search engine presence in the U.S. 
      VizaJet are very experienced working with new customers.
  • We like them and we enjoy working with – we’re positive you will too.

Our Classification

Viza Jet is the first website of its type in the U.K. – the gateway between the U.K. private air traveller and a whole new selection of aircraft and services available from the U.S.

  • VizaJet is not a jet broker.
  • VizaJet is not a jet operator.
  • More information about Viza Jet is available on our Terms & Conditions and Legal Information page.


  • VizaJet require certain criteria above and beyond what the FAA requires.
  • The aircraft selected by VizaJet are certified under FAA Regulations Part 135. This certification regulates safety, maintenance and operations rules for the charter industry.
  • VizaJet operators are fully insured.
  • Pilots have a minimum of 3.500 to 4.000 hours of flight experience and all pilots exceed the minimum FAA requirements.

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